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Accent Your Style with Accessories
"When Your Clothes make a Statement!"
Whether simplistic or daring, incorporate accessories to compliment your outfit and complete your attire.  Pearls are elegant and vintage is in.  Dainty is nice but if you like big and chunky jewelry, go bold.  Dazzle your hands. We are here to provide unique fashion pieces that defines your style and fit your budget.  Drape, tie and wrap your outfit with style in a frizze scarf. Make your outfit pop!
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AC 5671 S  $40 set
AC 5671 S $40 set
chandelier chain set
388B -N  $40
388B -N $40
Brushed gold necklace
AC 108B B  $25
AC 108B B $25
gold chain bracelet
AC 2886N  $40
AC 2886N $40
Silver rhinestone necklace
AC 56  $25
AC 56 $25
rhinestone ring
AC 431 E   $20 pair
AC 431 E $20 pair
crsytal earrings
AC 148 R   S25
AC 148 R S25
rhinestone ring
AC 184T B  $35
AC 184T B $35
Gold crystal bracelet
508E/10  earrings  $22
508E/10 earrings $22
brushed gold
AC 020R   $25
AC 020R $25
AC 184B B   $35
AC 184B B $35
Silver crysta bracelet
84244S/20  $50 set
84244S/20 $50 set
Multi crown set
AC 1419 S   $35 set
AC 1419 S $35 set
multi metallic ball set
AC 3190  SG  $50 set
AC 3190 SG $50 set
crystal stone set
201S-B/18  $35
201S-B/18 $35
rhinestone bubble bracelet
AC 6474 SS   $35 set
AC 6474 SS $35 set
pearl set (gold, pewter or silver)
AC 4624 BS  $40 set
AC 4624 BS $40 set
Cross set
AC 203 P S  $30 set
AC 203 P S $30 set
vintage purple bead set
AC 3737 chain $30 set
AC 3737 chain $30 set
multi chain set
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